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WineSpirit connects wine and spirituality in the details of each day

mustard rows vines

Celebrating wine as catalyst for opening what/who is inside

Taking time to nurture and build relationships

Cherishing balance in all facets of life

Honoring wine's partnership connecting di-vine and people

Bringing people of all walks of life together to share stories and explore life meaning over a glass of wine

As unique as is each vintage and label of wine, so is each of us unique in our own growing, developing, and ripening process. As each wine has its own particular growing conditions and story to tell, so does each of us.

WineSpirit is for everyone who enjoys wine, good conversation, and times for reflection: it's for vintners, growers, investors, owners, consumers, students, and teachers of all "varietals" through the spirit of wine, gleaning through different sacred paths and teachings ... promoting balance and well-being in all facets of life.

Teachers and facilitators celebrate the spiritual dimension found in the details of daily activity. Members and supporters of WineSpirit donate their talents, services and wisdom.

Through the website, virtual community enables sharing and learning with people and resources throughout the world.

Sippin' on Top of the World...Toasting Good Times and Better Days


The Raison/Raisin for Being?

vinyard dead treeI have now brought back over 50 tons of grapes to our winery this season.  I drive most of them myself over from the vineyards and I have time to listen to NPR’s local stations and reflect.  Over the course of this harvest I have been reminded once more of the extraordinary miracle of fermentation…the absolute and total transformation of sticky sweet squashed watery orbs to heady new wine.


As I drive over the mountain pass that separates Eastern from Western Washington I have come to wonder if the grapes I’m hauling have any clue what lies ahead for them.  If I were to tell them they will be tortured with a stemming and crushing and they will be made into wine, would any of them willingly come with me?  “Wine” is not a part of what they know and it may not even be a part of their vocabulary (if they have one).  The grape’s reason for being is to be a raisin!  “Wine… what’s that?” my grapes might say to me as I transport them far from their vineyard homes.


Yesterday, was the twelfth anniversary of my mother’s death from early-onset Alzheimer’s.  “Resurrection” of the body as some Creeds ask to believe, is something she would hardly want.  She was a walking pathology textbook for most of her life. 


I think, perhaps, a new wine awaits us that is beyond our mortal abilities to even conceive.  We are grapes without a conception of what wine is.  As I get older with each vintage I am going to try and not become an old raisin and remember that my raison for being lies somewhere in a new wine to come that I cannot begin to fathom.


By Don Corson, WineSpirit Member in Washington State

Founder of Camaraderie Winery


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