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WineSpirit connects wine and spirituality in the details of each day

mustard rows vines

Celebrating wine as catalyst for opening what/who is inside

Taking time to nurture and build relationships

Cherishing balance in all facets of life

Honoring wine's partnership connecting di-vine and people

Bringing people of all walks of life together to share stories and explore life meaning over a glass of wine

As unique as is each vintage and label of wine, so is each of us unique in our own growing, developing, and ripening process. As each wine has its own particular growing conditions and story to tell, so does each of us.

WineSpirit is for everyone who enjoys wine, good conversation, and times for reflection: it's for vintners, growers, investors, owners, consumers, students, and teachers of all "varietals" through the spirit of wine, gleaning through different sacred paths and teachings ... promoting balance and well-being in all facets of life.

Teachers and facilitators celebrate the spiritual dimension found in the details of daily activity. Members and supporters of WineSpirit donate their talents, services and wisdom.

Through the website, virtual community enables sharing and learning with people and resources throughout the world.

Sippin' on Top of the World...Toasting Good Times and Better Days


How does Tending the Vineyard Extend to One Another? - Sip #16

Focused Vine Mustard

Wine and people are a lot alike in benefiting from tender loving care. Making wine involves attention to grapes’ and wine’s delicacy at every step of the way: planting, growing, harvesting, crushing, storing, bottling, and cellaring. If you are not careful with every facet, you risk diminishing its quality, since wine is a product of both the genetics of the grape and the environment in which it is grown, made, and protected.

People also benefit from tender loving care. Parents and teachers help children develop value and self worth in the ways they give them encouragement to do and be their best. Adults accomplish more when they work in an environment of mutual respect and cooperation, with sensitivity for each other’s particular quirks and characteristics.

How wonderful it is when the loving care that goes into making wine culminates in toasts celebrating life’s wonderful relationships. This delicate fruit of a carefully tended vine comes alive through words and sips, as people treat each other with the kind of care and attention that produced the wine.

Sincere toasts and good wishes contribute to the quality of life: moments to savor in seeking blessings and well-being for those near and dear ... here and now.




  1. What analogy could you make between the caring process of turning grapes into wine and its application in your life?

What parallels could you draw between how people treat plants and other forms of life and their fellow humans?


Second Event of the WineSpirit Seminars Inspired by Robert Mondavi

Robert Mondavi Group

For a brief and magical hour Robert Mondavi came back to life in a room filled with WineSpirit participants eager to hear his insights and wisdom 12 years after he recorded a video visit with WineSpirit leaders exploring his life story and attitudes that shaped him and in turn energized a generation of wine enthusiasts.  On Sunday, April 19 at Vineyard Vista, original home to WineSpirit on Silverado Trail, the first of a number of videos made with wine elders and sages over the years was shared as attendees munched on popcorn, cheese and crackers and some lovely wines contributed by WineSpirit members and winemakers.  After viewing brief segments of Robert's fascinating insights, the video was paused and the group added their reflections on what they saw and heard with comments that included unique stories of meeting Robert.  Attendees shared their responses to the video, and values he espoused were fleshed out in vibrant conversation.  Among those attending was Tim Hanni, author of the seminal work, Why You Like The Wines You Like.  How inspiring it was to hear Robert express the kinds of attitudes that Tim has been teaching, that everyone tastes uniquely and that enjoyment of wine is as personal as the uniqueness of our relationships and tastes for life.

Our next WineSpirit gathering will be a memory in the making as Paul Dolan joins us at Frogs Leap on Sunday, June 28 for an exploration of Mysteries in the Vineyard.  We look forward to seeing you there...


Relaunch of Winespirit Seminars at Franciscan Winery


Pic 14Fifteen members and friends of WineSpirit gathered at Franciscan Estate in St Helena to celebrate the relaunch of this special community that connects wine and the spirit of life through conversation and unique presentations.  At this inaugural event, participants were treated to a wife and husband presentation of the Science and Art of Wine by winemaker Alison Crowe and photographer Chris Purdy.  Through their enlightened and lighthearted sharing back and forth, they brought to life how special wine throughout the ages is as a vehicle for cherishing the quality of life and the creative partnership of human and Di-vine, resulting in a taste treat evoking joy and awe for what nature can provide when people treat the process with love and respect.  We are delighted that an audio CD of this extraordinary experience is available so that attendees can revisit some of the nuggets that were shared and those unable to attend can hear the presentation.  

Our thanks to Chris and Alison for energizing the return of WineSpirit, with more to come shortly, with a return to Franciscan Estate on Sunday, April 19, at 2PM for a video visit with Robert Mondavi, filmed during his 90th year, rare footage in which he brings his own perspective on wine and the spirit of life, part of WineSpirit's Spiritual Harvest Series.  Once again, Franciscan will be pouring their wines and attendees will be able to purchase wine at a significant discount.


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